As we wrap our head around the quickly changing world we are currently living in, I wanted to share some ideas on where to focus our energy.
Be Social… from a distance of course!
We are physically keeping distant but we have access to an extremely digitally social world! Facetime, Google Hangouts, and Zoom are all options to chat face to face with friends and family. A smile can make someone’s day!
Declutter Your Space & Your Mind
We all have that junk drawer or a pile of papers taking up space in the corner. If you are home and have the time, focus on your Honey-Do list. Clean out closets, basements, and storage areas. Find peace in simplicity!
Good As New!
As your declutter, set aside lightly warn clothes to donate to organizations such as Big Brother, Big Sister or the Epilepsy Foundation. They will pick up right at your door! Many second-hand stores such as The Salvation Army and Savers will take electronics that still work. There are Furniture Banks that will pick up your furniture and provide to those in need.  Animal Shelters are always looking for supplies such as blankets and leftover litter.
Simply have junk you need to throw away? Call our friends at Buh Bye Junk!
What’s That Smell?
Clean out your fridge and pantry. Clean that Keurig and organize the spice rack! Check out ways to create space with these storage ideas
Let Out Your Creativity!
DIY Projects can be a great outlet for nervous energy. Paint the bedroom, refurbish a piece of furniture or pick a few of these Day-Long Projects to Do While At Home.
Get Out!
Exercise is the best medicine! A simple 30-minute walk can help maintain your weight and don’t forget the sunshine and vitamin d help boost your mood!
Bucket List-
Start or add to your bucket list. What new hobbies do you want to learn? Now may be the time to start! Where do you want to travel, or what special event do you want to attend? Creating a list can be exciting and keep you focused on what makes you happy and keep your hopes up for a happy and exciting future.
Here at Coastal Realty, we are all looking forward to Springtime and the beautiful weather it brings. Keep your hopes high, check on your neighbors and we are wishing you all the best.