Mark Moz1. Unlike a Seller’s Agent, a Buyer’s Agent is permitted to advocate for you during the negotiation of your offer. This works in your favor, increasing the possibility of achieving the best price and terms.

2. You will benefit from rigorously objective guidance as to the market value of the property as well as real estate market cycles. A Buyer’s Agent can supply a comparative market analysis replacing opinion with statistical facts, which Seller’s Agents are not permitted to do under the agency law.

3. The listing agent represents the SELLER. A Buyer’s Agent can research and reveal information to you that may be unintentionally left out of the seller’s presentation.

4. Unlike a Seller’s Agent, a Buyer’s Agent is permitted to recommend a trusted home inspector, as well as recommend the best real estate lawyers and lenders.

5. There is no additional cost to you — the seller pays the usual commissions.

Working with a Buyer’s Agent will save you money and make the process easier and more enjoyable than searching by yourself.  We make the search process fun and pressure free. It’s all about you and what you need. We know the neighborhoods and the property values. Our objective guidance can help you avoid overpaying. And remember, this costs you nothing, the seller pays all commissions!  Please feel free to call us anytime so a Coastal Realty REALTOR® can show you the best properties in your price range in your chosen areas.