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Update Your Bathroom for under $50

You don’t need to rip out walls or install new plumbing to give your bathroom a fresh new look! Here are five simple ideas for under $50.

  • New towels: It’s not necessary to buy a whole new set of towels. Buy a new color of hand towels or washcloths that complement your existing color palette. Roll them up and place them standing up in a basket for a colorful and interesting accent. Try incorporating several colors already in your bathroom, or go with all one color.
  • Frame your mirror: If you have a basic mirror on the wall behind the sink, jazz it up by framing it. Cut your choice of molding to fit around the mirror as a frame and paint it. Use neutral colors or a brushed gold or silver. Attach the molding to the mirror with liquid glue. Voila! You have a “new” mirror.
  • Paint: Paint your bathroom in a fresh new color. Your tiles don’t have to dictate the color you select, but they should complement each other. You would be amazed at the fun you can have with your existing tiles. If you have lime green tiles from the 1950’s, paint the walls in a pale yellow. If you have a dark bathroom with black or white tiles, brighten it up by painting the walls sage green.
  • New shower curtain: A new shower curtain for under $20 with unique shower hooks can make a big difference. If your bathroom is small, using a clear shower curtain or one in the same color as the tub will give the illusion of a bigger bathroom.
  • New accessories:
    • Buy an inexpensive bowl and fill it with sample-size toiletries for your guests.
    • Try out a few colored soaps to spruce up the sink.
    • Buy candles in your selected color palette and place in a grouping on a shelf.
    • Buy a new soap dispenser and matching wastebasket.
    • Add a small glass vase with fresh flowers. It’s always a nice touch!